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Project-based or permanent leasing of personnel.

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We are a part of Norwegian holding ARPI Group, which started doing business in Poland in 2001.

Our work style is based on elasticity and lack of strict procedures. We recruit for all branches and our methods are always adjusted individually to particular clients. Experience has showed us that nothing is impossible to achieve so we are constantly looking for new challenges.




We use our knowledge and skills for careful evaluation of the candidate in terms of personality, teamwork skills or others. We can also conduct IT tests and assessment center in your headquarters or other place.

Minimizing Risks

We adjust the warranty period for each recruitment project. In each case the payment is made after a successful recruitment and employment of a new employee.

No Routine

We use various channels in our searching processes. In each project the searching method is determined individually and always adjusted to your current expectations and needs.

Time Saving

As a client you meet only with selected candidates and get recommendations about specific target profiles. You will save a lot of time on browsing and verification of applications.


Each client has his own executive and recruitment coordinator. As a result, we are able to react quickly and take immediate actions in case of unexpected circumstances or emergency.


We recruit for all positions in every branch and flexibly adjust to current needs and specifics of particular projects. Utilization of modern communication tools enables us to deliver best possible quality.


The job of your dreams is closer than ever. Especially when someone else is efficiently looking for it.

We know looking for new job is never easy. That’s why it’s so important to have somebody you can trust. Take advantage from our know-how and experience and find the best possible value for the development of your career.